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Re: [GPSstash] GPS Power-Up: Get Ready for New Sense of Place

Interesting report though--it certainly would change existing games. Geocaching becomes *much* easier if there's effectively no searching involved once you get to the cache's location. That changes the whole "scavenger hunt" tone of the game.

Geodashing, geopoker, and geogolf don't change much, but we'd all have more confidence that we really did get within scoring distance. This may not necessarily be a good thing for those points located 101 meters into private property. =)

Social games like Foursquare would benefit if this technology really did work indoors--instead of being located "at the mall" people could be automatically located at whatever specific venue within the mall they were at. More than that--they could be told that their friend was 57 meters 'thataway'. That brings up privacy concerns of course but Foursquare players have already pretty given up on that.

New games are hard to predict, but it will be a lot of fun to see what come out of this!


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> How does he figure that having three signals per satellite will overcome
> signal reflection? It seems like any time we have solid masses near or above
> the GPS receiver, that there will be varying levels of error. I'm also
> unclear about how the indoor reception is supposed to work. My limited
> understanding would lead me to believe that it's one thing to get a cell
> phone signal inside a building but quite another to receive a set of
> coordinated signals that will accurately allow for calculation of a
> location. The Wired author does not cite a source.
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