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Sent: 5/23/2010 10:46:33 AM

Re:Open Letter to Geocaching

I read Zeke's Uncle's web pages, and I think he has some very valid points. We all love geocaching, and no one wants to leave the hobby or force other people to leave the hobby.
I have been caching for years and have found a number of annoying caches myself, and I always mention these things in my logs for other cachers to see: things such as unsafe locations, too much trash everywhere, food, medicines, pocketknives or other hazardous items inside the caches, poison ivy, inaccessibility, etc. I think it is our duty as cachers to play by the rules and police the hobby ourselves so that the real police don't outlaw it altogether. Good cachers should learn from their mistakes without getting offended and should try to improve the caching experience for everyone.
I think we can all need to find a way to communicate issues with each other in a civil way. Also, sometimes when you are a cache hider, you don't always think of all the problems that a finder may come across when looking for your cache.
Most hiders have good intentions, but sometimes caches are just too difficult or poorly placed to be fun for the finder.
I appreciate when others help me to maintain my caches, and I appreciate it when people give me helpful comments about my caches.
We all need to try to maintain our caches as well as help others maintain theirs when we find them.
This is a great hobby for families and retired people, and we need to make it welcoming for small children, pets, strollers, wheelchairs, everyone who likes to cache. If your cache has issues, state them clearly on the cache page. If it's unsafe or on private property, then don't hide it there.
Many thanks to Zeke's Uncle for bringing up some of these issues. I think if we all play by the rules, the hobby can continue to be fun and safe for people of all ages for years to come.

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