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Sent: 8/21/2010 6:04:37 PM


My bad, I searched for a cache the other day and I got a, you need to be registered, error, I tried again today after reviewing the above post about not needing to be registered to get cache coordinates and low and behold, I did get the coordinates.
Anonymous is still forbidden from posting caches though. Until anonymous can post and log caches it is not truly free.
I hope I'm not coming across as against the site, as it is a wonderful idea, and I wish them luck in their endeavor.


Re: you have to register on any only makes sense. If you don't
have a user name or password, how would you access your information in
the future?

>>> What if Anonymus has no need to know anything other then the joy he had in placing a cache that others may enjoy?

Hey, it's just my opinion, their site their rules, people will either enjoy it or they won't. Whoever put the site together did more than I've ever done for cache freedom, and it looks to offer a lot more freedom than that other cache hunting site.