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Well said. I have joined OCUS and have 1 hide of the 4 current in New York. Its not cross listed nor will any future ones from me be cross listed I dont want it to replace GC but would like it to be another source for caching. I hope it works out

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> To me, the most significant feature of the Opencaching movement is the open database. That is, all of the cache information is available for the community to access and to create value-added services around.
> The bitterest controversies in geocaching's history centered around services such as geocache maps and geocacher stats. The community members who volunteered to provide such services were hampered by restrictive terms of use to the point that the best such services were shut down.
> The Opencaching movement promises that the data won't be locked behind restrictive walls, but be freely available to whatever creative use any talented person in the community is willing to volunteer to offer.
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