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RE: [GPSstash] OT: Fellow geocacher seeking help

You got my vote, too, Vicky. Way to keep that 56-year-old body on the

Cache-less Society aka Teresa Brown

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David, thank you, bless you! SMOOCH! I was filled with my trepidation
about posting, but I figure it's got to be one of the things that social
networking is all about. I'll be glad to return the favor for any/all
you are trying to garner support/votes (my direct email is below).

BTW, I wish I could claim that sultry voice in the geocaching video, but
had a terrible cold then, so when you meet me in person, you will NOT be
meeting Lauren Hutton ::grin:: I truly was looking for a geocache and I
thought I would NEVER find it. I thought, now this is going to be sad if
can't show what geocaching is all about because I can't find the cache.
was a great big ammo can, too, but it hadn't been found for months and
buried under leaves, etc.

Let's have a hula-hooping event in Hampton Roads! I would LOVE to get
in that area. We lived in the Craddock neighborhood in Portsmouth and I
have many fond memories of that time.

Vicky (honeychile)
'*+.,_,.+*'`'*+.,_A joyful heart is good medicine!_,.+*'`'*+.,_,.+*'`

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> I watched the videos, I voted for you. I see that you are currently
> for second, good luck
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> teach a man to fish and you give him something to do while his wife
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