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Sorry guys I put a period at the end of the address.

The link to the channel is:

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> Hi everyone,
> I have been Geocaching since 2007. Within a week I began listening to the Podcacher Podcast ( and have enjoyed it ever since. As anyone who has been doing this for any period of time I have met many geocachers, become great friends with others and introduced a few to the sport.
> I have attended a number of events and swapped stories, tips, tricks, gripes and complaints. As always you get a lot of great information from other cachers. However, that information is usually local since most cachers don't always venture too much outside their geographical area except on vacation or business trips. Podcacher podcast has a lot of great information and I listen to it in the car when I'm driving. But that's the problem, you listen to it. It is hard to visualize sometimes what they are talking about.
> I started looking on YouTube and there were a few videos that provided some decent information but the production value lacked something. This is when I decided that I would put my love of film production and geocaching to good use. So I have decided to start a new YouTube channel dedicated to geocaching.
> My intent is to provide a decent program that covers several issues related to geocaching per episode and keep it entertaining and informative. I have talked to some of my friends and have received a lot of great ideas. I am in the process of filming the first show and hope to have it up within the week. I do have a teaser video on the channel that is about 50 seconds long and it is an animated clip. Simply put, it is a character that will make appearances in different shows letting you know what to expect. The YouTube channel is
> I want to put out a product that people will watch and would like as much input and ideas as possible. It is about what the geoviewers want and that is what I would like to give you. Please send me ideas.
> I'm doing my best to start off with great production quality, but know that things will improve as I go along.
> I ask all of you for help making this a great program. Please let me know what you would like to see and give me as much feedback, possitive or negative, as you would like.
> If you choose to email me, please do so at GeocachingFus@... That is the email address for the show.
> Thank you for your time, consideration and future feedback and ideas.
> Semper Fi,
> Raul
> aka. fuster75