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Sent: 7/12/2015 11:50:59 AM
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Re: [GPSstash] Police: Suspicious package ruled as geocache find

Scout [gpsstash] wrote:

> "In a press release sent to 47 ABC, Dover Police say understand the
> recreational activity of geocaching but "we ask that creators of geocache
> finds create items that are more obvious in nature."


> "According to Corporal Hoffman 'In an environment where public safety is an
> ever growing concern, items that give the appearance as this item did is
> taxing on manpower and resources that could be utilized more efficiently."


"In an environment where law enforcemant lacks the ability
to distinguish friend from foe and dangerous situations
from the benign, and where we cannot be held accountable
for absurd overreaction and misuse of resources, the
public should avoid providing opportunities for us to
look silly, by limiting their activities to those we
understand and officially sanction, such as shopping and
passively consuming paid entertainment at approved

Links to coverage that shows the offending "items":